My Old Life – Interesting Facts About Okra

At my own time I have been reflecting on my past life, and sometimes I have made fun of myself with a view how I understood things then.

To begin with, let me say my father was the only bread winner in our family, working with the Malawi Housing Cooperation. I will not say in article where we stayed and when. But for purpose of this story, I should say that with the sufficient availability of finances he could regularly buy mouth watering relish, mostly fish species like mpasa, kampango, chambo, and the like. And to us children we were in a paradise on earth.

The funny thing with the choice of relish with us children was that we did not want nor like any other relish. For instance I did not like okra. If our mother prepared meal with okra I would not eat nsima; or if the dish comprised of other different plates of relish I would prefer the other relish to okra.

When asked ‘why’ I would answer I couldn’t eat mucus-like food. Least did I know the benefits of having a well balanced dish in terms of diet with an okra recipe.

But now that I am an adult I have come to realise, through reading, that okra is not only a vegetable that contains cassium, folic acid, high fibre content, potassium, and vitamins B and C, but it is also one of the locally available medicinal food.

Researchers say okra – otherwise known as lady’s fingers – is an antioxidant, and has a potential:

  • To help us manage sugar levels in our bodies;
  • To help reduce cholesterol so that we don’t have heart-failure related problems; and
  • To significantly reduce fatigue levels in us.

Furthermore, it is very interesting to learn that okra can be cut into slices, soaked into water and be drunk as medicine. Other forms of okra medicine include peels, powdered seeds, and raw okra.

Well, anything which is edible has something vital in our bodies depending on how it is prepared and/or used.

Think of okra and include okra in your meals, and be healthier than ever before.

I hope, having read this, you will no longer dislike okra. Remember our parents have an adage which goes “Chinenepetsa nkhumba sichidziwika.”


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