A focus at some of the issues affecting our livilihood reveals quite numerous good-for-nothings that people like to do either blindly or knowingly to themselves and/or to others. And below follow some of such things that really negatively affect our living standards both social-economically and psychosocially.

As we are all aware of the fact that we were conceived and brought into existence by our mothers, it is quite good for nothing for someone to despise his or her own mother, because our mothers need not be looked down upon with contempt.

Couples with a spirit of infidelity have secret sexual relationships outside their matrimonial homes which is entirely an affront to their own vows “to be and remain one flesh until death does us apart” and this is one of the good-for-nothings as they put their lives at stake with a risk of contracting an HIV.

In a country which is struggling for financial and economic independence, some selfish public servants and/or leaders steal the only limited available money from the public coffers, enriching themselves overnight, and after a short period of time they start giving hand-outs to the povert-striken owners of the same money in an attempt to gain political favours, a behaviour which is good for nothing.

In other families children are not raised in the way they ought to be, as such they become good-for-nothing citizens because their parents fail to realise the fact that “a family is a domestic university which is there to enrich the minds of the children with good moral values before they graduate into adulthood.”

It is also good for nothing for employers and/or superiors to expect high standard results of the work done by the workers when in fact there are no good and sufficient resources, and/or when there are no incentives at all.

Most of us live below the poverty line because, among other reasons, we tend to spend our hard earned money on impulse on items that are not basic human needs beyond the earning capacity due to inferiority complex within the neighborhood.


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