Power Of Infatuation

“You are crazy, aren’t you”? her friend, Esnart had once asked her when she had realised that she had surpassed both her age and time. And in her poorly considered language Clara had said:

“Yes, this war to snatch the man has really driven me crazy, and the only way is to be crazy as well until I become victorious… ”

Those were the days when Clara and the extravagant sugar daddy, Dada, called themselves lovers. What sounded more stunning was the fact that Dada, well advanced in age, was married to a too respectful and submissive woman, and Clara matched the age of his own last born in the family of eight children.

Apparently the teen girl was only insatiably hooked up by the fact that Dada was a very rich man in their home village on the one hand; and on the other hand Clara, compared with her friends at school, was not born with a silver spoon. Thus she failed to take heed of what her parents used to advise her that “education is a key to a successful bright future”.

Early this year the authorities at the private secondary school where she has been learning on bursary organised a program in which all girls were made to go for a mandatory pregnancy test. Clara tested positive. What a blow!

When a report was furnished to her parents, they groaned, saying, “You were our last hope that you would be of great help to us all in future. You have done us a disgrace…”

However in a preliminary questioning the girl, without problems, disclosed the name of Dada to be responsible for the pregnancy.

In a couple of days a certain youth organization took control of the matter and reported it to Mphate Police Station, and this led to the apprehension of the sugar daddy on the charge of defilement of an under-sixteen girl.

Surprisingly the girl became more loose than before. She could visit Dada on remand where the accused promised that he would divorce his legitimate wife in order to marry her on condition that Clara should save him from getting convicted. Dada further pleaded with her to terminate the pregnancy.

On the day of prosecution evidence hearing in the court of law Clara disassociated herself from the accused person, insinuating that her mother had forced her to fabricate a story with intent to claim for damages as the man was very rich. And finally the court of law dismissed the charge.

The painful moment is here and now. Clara is in ardent misery not because she stopped learning, but also due to the fact that her health has deteriorated following the abortion. And the worst fact is that Dada has completely changed his tune: “I will not and can not marry you.”

What a miserable situation she is in. Clara was infatuated by money. Her future is blurred. Surely she will live to regret.


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