The Beautiful Beast

As stubborn as a mule, Paul was every day present at drinking points in his rural township. Of course he had no time to worry about anything because his father was one of the few well-to-do citizens in the Republic of Nyasa.

Mr Bingo had so numerous trucks that one could not manage to point fingers in a matter of two hours. In a sharp contrast to his expectations, Paul was not a reflection of his dreams – thus to take over the his legacy after his death.

Paul was such an incorrigible young man to the effect that he would even bully his own biological father for not succumbing to his demands. In particular, let’s look at the fact that he had “the so-called beloved one” at a certain famous bottle store in the locality. Least did he know that Rachel was a common lady.

“I love you with all my heart.” This is what Rachel used to say in order to please the naïve Paul as with a purpose of licking the sweets of the portion of his father’s wealth which he did not even deserve. So they cheated each other as being on the tiptop of the world of love.

A proverb from the Congolese people says the snake and the crab do not sleep in the same hole but this did not happen to make any little sense at all in the daft Paul’s life. And the worst was to follow him in a time sooner than he could dream.

Rachel was – and has been – the beautiful beast who has caused lots of misery in a number of ways to many young people who have never desired to take heed of what elderly people – let alone their parents- say. In fact Rachel has been the unimaginable carrier of several killer diseases. Recently the poor young man Paul has been complaining of diverse ailments. But it never came to his were wisdom to realise the consequence of his loose life. Before he knew it, he kissed the earth.

Insubordination killed him… Oh no, lack of respect for elderly people… Mm-mmm, no, Paul had no time to encline his ears to what was said to be better for his life than his reckless social interaction. Today his relatives and/or friends are missing him because of the beautiful beast whose acts have claimed his life.


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