The Beautiful Beast

As stubborn as a mule, Paul was every day present at drinking points in his rural township. Of course he had no time to worry about anything because his father was one of the few well-to-do citizens in the Republic of Nyasa.

Mr Bingo had so numerous trucks that one could not manage to point fingers in a matter of two hours. In a sharp contrast to his expectations, Paul was not a reflection of his dreams – thus to take over the his legacy after his death.

Paul was such an incorrigible young man to the effect that he would even bully his own biological father for not succumbing to his demands. In particular, let’s look at the fact that he had “the so-called beloved one” at a certain famous bottle store in the locality. Least did he know that Rachel was a common lady.

“I love you with all my heart.” This is what Rachel used to say in order to please the naïve Paul as with a purpose of licking the sweets of the portion of his father’s wealth which he did not even deserve. So they cheated each other as being on the tiptop of the world of love.

A proverb from the Congolese people says the snake and the crab do not sleep in the same hole but this did not happen to make any little sense at all in the daft Paul’s life. And the worst was to follow him in a time sooner than he could dream.

Rachel was – and has been – the beautiful beast who has caused lots of misery in a number of ways to many young people who have never desired to take heed of what elderly people – let alone their parents- say. In fact Rachel has been the unimaginable carrier of several killer diseases. Recently the poor young man Paul has been complaining of diverse ailments. But it never came to his were wisdom to realise the consequence of his loose life. Before he knew it, he kissed the earth.

Insubordination killed him… Oh no, lack of respect for elderly people… Mm-mmm, no, Paul had no time to encline his ears to what was said to be better for his life than his reckless social interaction. Today his relatives and/or friends are missing him because of the beautiful beast whose acts have claimed his life.



Two young men, named Prudent and John have been bosom friends for so long time that no one has never predicted that they would fall apart. In fact their background is as similar as that of the twins. Who could not envy their good relationship since boyhood?

Having graduated with excellent grades from the high school, Prudent went to Chancellor College of the University of Malawi for further academic studies, whereas John dropped out of school even before completing the high school. However the twosome remained in good terms. It happened that even Prudent’s mother could send John on an errand to deliver some items to Prudent at Chanco. That was like that because she had strong faith in him John.

Five years on, Prudent got a descent well paying job at one of the leading non governmental organizations in the country as a lawyer. He earned hugely sufficient emunerations; and in a giffy he built an admirable house before marrying a beautiful young lady, Naomi.

“Naomi, let me ask for your approval” said Prudent one afternoon to his wife, “for me to take John into this compound as a family driver.

Naomi did not dare her spouse for loyalty sake. “Go ahead, my dear,” is all what she said.

Thus John Njoka was employed as a family driver. But he was never contented with what he was earning. He was a snake 🐍 in the grass. He bacame green with envy, and so started contemplating on the way to grab hold of all the property belonging to Prudent.

As the diabolical motives grew arduous, John Njoka connived with notorious criminals to murder both Prudent and Naomi on condition that they got paid for the killing.

Well, on the set day, John did not report for driving duties. So, Prudent drove alone in the company of his love, Naomi.

The hired three member gang waylaid along the road. As they saw a Range Rover, they stopped it, under the pretext that they wanted a thumb lift to take them to the church for that was Sunday.

Through a mirror, Prudent caught sight of short guns in hands of the gang in the back seat of the car. And the devils could act with malice aforethought, Prudent got a brilliant idea. He switched off the engine, and said, “Gentlemen, the vehicle has a problem somehow. May you, please, help push it so the engine gets started again!!!”

“Oh, yes, why not? You are very kind,” they answered in unison, alighting.

The criminals started pushing the vehicle, least guessing that Prudent was slipping away from their bloody plan. And without unnecessary delay the vehicle sped off, leaving the criminals behind.

Immediately after pulling brakes in front of a police station, Prudent fainted. After some minutes he came back to conscious state, and narrated the ordeal to the police officers who did not hesitate to hunt for the culprits.

All the three would-be killers of Prudent and his wife were apprehended and taken to the court of law where it was made known that the once best friend of Prudent was the masterminder. He got imprisoned for fourteen years with hard labour. Surely, John was the beloved enemy.

Caution: Don’t Quit…!

Two men were employed by a certain man known by the name Charles.

At one point in time Charles was scheduled to migrate to another land. So he called his employees, Lemson and Baba. He said to them, “My men, I want to inform you that next week we are leaving this place for a better land across Masuzgo river.”

Furthermore Charles gave his servants a word of caution; he said, “On our way we are more likely to face big challenges. You know we don’t have any means of transport apart from walking.”

On the slated day their long journey started. They carried bags on their back. And on the head each of the three carried one long plank.

Far from crossing Msuzgo river, Baba confided in his fellow servant that he wanted so burdened that he wanted to cut the plank in a bid to reduce weight.

Lemson advised him to be patient but the stuborn Baba did not heed that. At that hour their master had already gone a mile ahead.

So it happened that Lemson cut his plank. He cut in it half.

Upon getting at Masuzgo river they saw their master waiting for them on the other side of the river having already crossed.

“As you can see, there is no bridge, so each of you must lay his plank across the river so that you can cross,” Charles shouted.

Baba’s fate was that he had his plank cut so the remaining length could not reach the other side of the river. And when he noticed their master said, “Woe to you Baba, for you are automatically dismissed becuase you have failed to obey my instruction, and you can’t cross.”

***Quitters do not win; and winners do not quit.

A Clever Raven

Once there was a clever raven. This bird was living in the dry upland.

A certain day, it felt so thirsty that it had to fly to a river. But the river had dried up.

Nearby the bird found a pail quarteful with water.

In order to get the water, the bird put some pebbles into the pail. Pebbles made water rise up.

Lastly the raven had water to drink. There and then thirst was no more.

Lesson: Hard work pays.

A Visit At Zapansi Zoo

A young man who finished secondary education last year is ambitious to become a zoologist in future.

Yesterday he visited Zapansi zoo, for he wanted to meet Dan who is one of the best zoologists in our territory.

When the two met, they talked this and that.

“Sir, my visit here is aimed at familiarising myself with some of the ideas that apertain zoology. Actually I want to study zoology; so I need to be cognizant of some basics,” said Chrispin in a tone typical of deep curiosity.

“Well, don’t worry,” responded Dan. “To begin with, let me tell you that zoology is the scientific study of animals’ behaviour, origins, genetics, diseases and life progression in relation to their environments.”

“Umm, can you mention the world most dangerous animal, and the world best animal?” Chrispin demanded.

“No problem, follow me.”

Dan led Chris to a certain wire cage where two men were making maintenances.

Without saying anything, Dan led Chris back to his office. But the young aspiring zoologist asked:

“Where are the animals I wanted to see?”

“You have seen them, haven’t you?”

“I have just seen two men,” argued Chris.

“Those are the animals I meant… The best animal on earth is a `human being’ and the most dangerous animal on earth is also a `human being’.”

In the first place Chris was very much confused; but later on he understood as Dan cautioned:

“Take care whenever you relate with fellow human beings. Make sure that you develop good interpersonal communication skills.”

Chris, then had to walk back home.