Food And Life

Some people say we eat to live but I believe it is not by merely eating that we live; but by taking all the groups of food. What this means is that the kind of food we take has equally an important role in our bodies.

It is, therefore, my intention to discuss in brief the groups of food and their nutritional values as classified by health experts as carbohydrates, dairy products, fruits, oils, proteins, and vegetables.

Carbohydrates: these are mainly found from food made from grains such as maize, rice, and tubers like cassava as well as sweet potatoes, among others. They provide us with glucose which eventually give us energy.

Dairy products: these are fresh milk, yorgie, butter, cheese, and many more. And their nutritional values are, but not limited to, calcium and vitamin D which are essential for the development of our bones and teeth. Dairy products are also a source of protein.

Fruits like bananas, grapes, mangoes, pineapples, contain folate, potassium and vitamin C. And a person who eats sufficient fruits is rarely anaemic.

Oils which are found in form of liquid like kukoma cooking oil, or as lipids such as stock margarine contain vitamin A.

Proteins are like the building bricks of muscles and bones. They are also important for the formation of blood. Source food materials include lean red meat, fish, eggs among others; and they are very essential for all metabolic activities in the human bodies. Proteins provide us with vitamin B, iron, magnesium, and zinc.

Vegetables like pumpkin leaves, eggplants, cabbage, amaranth leaves (bonongwe) and many more contain fibre which helps reduce levels of cholesterol hence the risk of heart failure is reduced as well. Secondly, the green pigment called chlorophyll contained in the leaves when eaten is converted into blood.

Finally we have to be careful when preparing our food so that we don’t fall sick, for without healthy life we can’t be reliable citizens.



Much as we appreciate the existence and use of internet in the modern eletronic world with unlimited access to important facts in various life spheres, entertainment, and so on and so forth, it is becoming increasingly worrisome to discover that there are equally many disadvantages.

In the first place, personal and private information of website loggers becomes exposed and/or compromised and this culminates into vulnerability to all sorts of attacks.

Secondly, little children copy bad traditions and unwanted elements from abroad which in turn dissuade them from abiding by our own good norms and/or cultural values.

Furthermore, it is worth reckoning that internet has rapidly turned into the breeding space of illegal activities like:

  • The spreading of pornographic materials which tend to be a major factor in the deterioration of moral values.
  • The commission of serious and organised crimes.

How About In Marriages?

Some marriages have gone to the extent of breaking apart owing to a cross section of reasons that include:

  • Couples having secret love affairs outside their matrimonial homes, an issue which gradually takes away their unity.
  • Some parents dedicate much more time to internet than to their children as though the children were simply downloaded on the internet.

However all things are good, except for the wishes that vary from person to person.


For many decades health education has had it that prevention of a disease is better than its cure. But on the contrary I believe that in this modern era when diseases can be contracted willy nilly following the dwindling of moral values amongst mankind coupled with serious effects of science, it is more prudent for people to go for regular medical checkups more so with the current HIV/Aids pandemic.

In a society there should be coherence among people in spite of their diverse personal values and/or wishes. And in particular when there arise disagreements, swiftly a concesus should be reached at in order to avoid bringing about a jumbled life in their midst.

In terms of human existence it would have been very much good if human people lived in harmony with one accord and without holding grudges against one another. Otherwise there would not have been courts of law. Suffice to point out here and now that there is no any single righteous person on earth because even Magistrates and/or Judges whose noble duty is to make just decisions on cases brought to the courts of law are morally weak which is why justice is rarely accessed.

It is further my creed that we should be satisfied with that which is sufficiently available for us to be able to sustain our livelihood together with our families and relatives and perhaps the desperate neighbours than to work or struggle for riches because the richest people are the most depressed in the world due to their insatiable desires for wealth and fame.

Lastly it is my infallible belief that no matter how long it may be but one day the world shall be a peaceful place for mankind to live.


Our good God, it is much worthy that we should talk with you in a special way as children and a father. And we so hereby do.

Initially we magnify your supreme being for quite a number of things. You gave us life, and You have always taken good care of us in spite of our iniquities and/or insubordination.

The past two farming calendars we have had unfavourable climatic conditions which have seen us experience destructive rains and/or dry spell, and as such most of Malawians have suffered insufficiency of food following little yields.

You know we are a nation that depends largely on agriculture, and this is why we humbly beseech You to give us reliable rains during the forthcoming rainy season such that our crops will give out high yields.

At the same time we need good health so that we shall manage our crop plants very well.

Bestow upon each one of us hard the working spirit, for we realise that we are destined to survive on our own sweat.

In the name of Jesus Christ who told us that if we ask it shall be given we have prayed with faith that You will be merciful to us.



Some old folks say life begins at fourty years, an adage which literally refers to the fact that having done several things which are not consistent with issues that are important and helpful in life, there comes a moment when one realizes that he or she has been misleading oneself in one way or another.

In this article I want to complement the truth in terms of the above adage on the one hand, but on the other to remind one another on the need to come in terms with another saying which goes charity begins at home.

Well, to begin with, it should be noted that several times we become victims of our own choices. In other words most of problems that face us have a bedrock on our own choices and/or actions. Take an example of alcoholism: most of the imbibers have enormous economic challenges which they may not manage to solve, and in turn of events one attempts to take a wrong action which only worsens the situation. It is on this point that some people have even committed suicide, leaving their families and relatives desperate.

It is, however, important to understand that background matters most. Parents have a duty to exercise their powers to raise their children very well so that they become well behaved, wise, self reliant and productive citizens. This way many challenges will be avoided.

Life begins at fourty: For everyone who is suffering from different woes whose roots are their own mistakes, it is not too late to mend ways. Rise up and make adifference.


Nowadays it is common to have no electric power in our homes, nor work places. As a matter of fact, day in day out, we face quite many challenges which make a living an uphill.

For instance some people fail to have meals on their tables because they have no maize flour owing to the fact that the only existing maize mill in their locality has static or no electricity for several consecutive days. At the same time perishable relishes rot because the refrigerators are not functioning.

Well, the list of the challenges is too long to stated here…

But quickly let us also consider the interreration which exists between blackouts and deforestation.

On the one hand it is not a lie that charcoal production is one of the serious factors of deforestation and/or environmental degradation. And on the other hand it is the naked truth most people that rely on electricity in their homes for domestic use are prompted to consider turning to the use of wood or charcoal.

No wonder firewood or charcoal business continues to flourish in many urban area. And this may inhibit any attempt to combat climate change.

However someone should not misconstrue this as a leeway to cut down trees willy nilly. Why? Because hydro electric power can be well sustained only when our country has – among other things – sufficient water volumes in our rivers; and we all know that such water comes from rainfall, whereas rain cycle includes trees.

Let us be response and patriotic citizens.


One of the precious possessions one must have in life is prudence because its power in the day to day activities is insurmountable, and as such a person excells in almost every undertaking he or she embarks on.

In the following seconds you will see some of the principles underlying prudence in human life.

Haste in speech exposes one’s folly. So, take your time to observe before opening your mouth, otherwise others will have no confidence in you than in an idiot.

We have all heard that we have to live in harmony, but tolerance does not mean that you should not rise up for your own defence, because, by attempting to live in tolerance with everybody in a society we may end up associating with the devil whose ambition is to ruin your well being.

And finally when we get money today, I have learnt, we must treat it as a seed which will germinate into good crops which will bear good fruits as well only if ultmost care is taken in it’s use, otherwise we must acquaint ourselves with the adage which says fire is a good servant, but a bad master.

All the best.